Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This year I am going to master the headstand....

Happy New Year! Well we made it through 2012. The world didn't end. Anybody seen any Mayans and taunted them with, "I told ya so!?"  Yes 2012 is gone and so we ring in a New Year and with it comes the inevitable question of resolutions. I have never bought into the whole resolution concept but 2013 is going to change all that because I have one! Yep this is the year I am going to master the headstand.

I'm dubious. Mostly because my single motivation is just to be able to say I can which let's face is not a good reason. AND it probably raises serious doubts about my commitment to said resolution. Although I just told you and all the other thousands of people who visit these pages so there is the issue of humiliation if we are back here in a year watching the magnificent fireworks and I have to come clean and tell you all I can NOT perform a headstand. Wish me luck!

A headstand is considered to be king of the Yoga poses and if you are not a Yogi I highly recommend you seek the help of a qualified yoga instructor if you want to learn this difficult pose. If you aren't a novice go here for some yoga headstand tips.

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