Friday, December 28, 2012

What does 50kgs look like?

What does 60kgs look like?
What does 70kgs look like?

If you have ever been on a diet you will know that feeling of trying to get to a magic number on the scales. But that weight on the scale is often a poor indication of your heatlh and how great you are looking. The website  My Body Gallery allows you to punch in your measurements and see other bodies that weigh the same as yours.

Perspective is important. Get some


  1. Oh dear, that's an eye-opener! Thanks for posting the link.

    Along a similar line, it's helped me to imagine each pound I've lost as a pound of butter. Picturing 10 pounds of butter all stacked up has been a good motivator to keep that weight off.

  2. this is a brilliant idea, I think looking at others at a similar weight to me makes me feel like I don't look so bad after all. Thanks for sharing this site x