Friday, January 18, 2013

Chocolate cheesecake - sugar = happy campers!

So I would like to harp on about sugar again! Or more specifically how the exclusion of sugar is beneficial to your body. If you would like to read my other rantings on sugar please go here, and here, oh and here.
Yesterday I took a chocolate cheesecake to work. Partly out of obligation and partly because if we were going to break out a cheesecake then I was going to make sure it was one that minimised insulin response. I used no sugar and only 1/2 cup of Rice Malt Syrup in the entire cake. The chocolate flavouring is 85% cocoa dark chocolate and cacao powder. The base is hazelnut meal and coconut butter. Is it healthy? Um, yeah not really! Is it diet friendly? Hell no. But is it the sort of treat you can have that doesn't send your blood sugar through the roof and leave you feeling sluggish, sick and craving yet more sweet stuff? Yep! And that was the point! Strangely, and not to blow my own trumpet, but the gang were super impressed and seemed confused by how much they liked something that wasn't sickly sweet. How a one piece could leave them satsisfied and feeling good.
Why so often when we decide to treat ourselves to we go for sugar, refined carbs and bad fats when we can go do just as good a job with the foods we know our bodies handle well?? Cheesecake anyone?

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  1. this looks incredible :) I'd love to be able to bake, especially if the recipes were slightly healthier. I think it's great that you've managed to create something that tasted like dessert but didn't make your blood sugar spike like crazy! x