Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Put Your Hands Together For.....Slim Pasta

Slim pasta?
I was just a bit psyched when I saw this product – just 11 calories per 100g.
Too good to be true?
Sadly yes.
But hang on Golightly, this is the part of your site where you bring us fab products?
Sorry for the confusion but you see, slim pasta cannot receive applause for being PASTA because it isn’t like pasta in taste or texture. So as a pasta substitute I feel it is a bit of a failure. HOWEVER, it is a lot like a noodle and it is for this reason I felt compelled to tell you about it (insert applause here).
So this Slim Pasta stuff has the following benefits and works terrifically to bulk out a salad or soup and lends itself perfectly to Asian flavours.

It is:
Gluten free
Sugar free
Soy free
Wheat free
AND the packaging is BPA free.

So applause loudly all the way to the supermarket and get yourself some Slim Pasta.

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