Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun Facts: You Do You Know How Many Calories You Must Burn To Lose 1kg?

This used to sit on my ass but now I use it in demonstrations.

Yep do you know how many of those pesky calories you would need to run, skip and jump off to lose one whole kilo of fat from your frame?

Is it:
a) 0. I don’t run, skip or jump and you can’t make me!
b) a shit tonne
c) 7700
d) however many are in a kilo of butter

An the answer is:
c) 7700 calories

So just to be clear you must create a 7700 deficit between the energy you consume and the energy you burn to drop 1kg. Think about this the next time some weight loss guru tells you you can drop 5 kgs in a week! Its hard work…sigh.

Don't you love fun facts?

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