Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Great Coconut Water Experiment!

Okay so this is more of a taste test than an experiment and it has come about because I'm retesting my like or more to the point my dislike of the stuff. You see I don't like Coconut water, in fact I would go very far out on the limb all by myself away from the hype and majority and say I really hate the stuff. You see coconut water has been around for a while. I remember reading in a weekly glossy that Sienna Miller was drinking it and as I was going through a bit of Sienna phase (you know around the time she launched and her hair had just got long again after, anyway I searched high and low for it. Found some, tasted it, spat it out, said a bad word and ultimately concluded that Sienna had great hair but questionable taste in beverages. 

As the coconut water supporters have become more vocal I have stayed silent comfortable in the knowledge that I don't like it and so therefore will stay off the bandwagon and on solid ground. BUT I got to thinking that tastes change and brands vary and maybe I judged coconut water too harshly too quickly?

So hence The Great Coconut Water Experiment!

In an experiment you are supposed to prove or disprove a hypothesis, control the variables and record your findings and truly, this WAS the intention. But after an hour of searching for coconut water on a hot day I got a bit thirsty and cracked one open on the way to the car. I also misplaced my pen for a bit (was under the couch) so my notes were not necessarily taken promptly after the actual tasting but you get the general idea.

So here are a few thoughts about Coconut Water:

1. I don't hate it but I wouldn't say I like the taste. Much better cold!

2. All brands contain sugars!

3. All brands have calories and remember how water does not? Just saying…

4. There are SLIGHT taste variations between brands. Notice the caps lock used in previous sentence.

5. All brands contain potassium 

6. It does not make you look like Sienna Miller

Some useful applications I have found for Coconut Water:

1. It adds some sweetness to smoothies

2. It hydrates quickly. I say this because I drank a couple recently while moderately hungover and felt much better quickly.

3. If all the normal water in the world suddenly went missing and you were a bit thirsty it is a better choice than Coke, Gatorade, PowerAde, Wine and Lemon Solo.

Coconut water is what it is. I’m grateful for the knowledge just in case I ever find myself stuck on an Island like the Swiss Family Robinson or Tom Hanks but other than that I probably won’t bother much with the stuff….unless I’m hungover!

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