Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Do It! ANYWAY!

Back in the eighties, global footwear powerhouse, Nike, kicked off the spectacularly successful 'just do it' campaign. A campaign which has seen the footwear giant stamp its superiority over its competitors. 3 simple little words that  anyone donning a pair of sneakers and starting down the track of fitness, weight loss and sporting success well know. Whether it is walking around the park or taking centre court at Flushing Meadows, the crux of one's success is to just do it.

We seem to have a habit of complicating motivational messages. We seek a deeper meaning as to why we struggle to embark on activities we know will make us stronger, fitter, better, faster and hotter. We comb magazines, self-help books and websites for answers to our lack of motivation. We blame external factors like the weather, the kids or time for our failures. But it isn't complicated. We need to hear the message that Nike have been hitting us over the head with for over 20 years: Just Do It!

But why haven't we heard the message or more correctly, why hasn't it sunk in? It's not like it isn't everywhere now is it? Perhaps our slow grasp of the 3 little words is because in order for it to pack the marketing punch it did, it was over simplified  just a smidge. I can't help but wonder if the famous slogan needs another little word to help us truly understand the sentiment.

I'm sick!
Just do it anyway

I'm tired!
Just do it anyway

I'm scared!
Just do it anyway

I had a really hard day at work!
Just do it anyway

I would really much prefer this glass of wine!
Just do it anyway

Because there will never be a time when you feel like it. There will never be a time when it is easy. There is no book, meme or Instagram picture that will suddenly transform you from serial exercise avoider to running devotee, yoga enthusiast or amazingly, buffed hot chick. You won't feel like it, you won't want to, you will grumble whine and generally be all annoying about it. Whatever excuse you have, whatever it is you think is holding you back, whatever reason you think is justified in avoiding the tough stuff I have three four words for you.


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