Friday, May 24, 2013

Coconut Oil.....For Your Lips!

So often trends disappoint me but coconut oil is truly amazing. I keep finding new applications for it. Yesterday I had stupidly dry chapped lips - you know the kind that are so annoying you can't help but be aware of them ALL day. Even though you know it won't help that pesky little tongue keeps emerging to give them a hit of saliva before you have time to pull it back in. Lip licking is counter productive to dry lips so they just become more and more dry. Time was a factor and so my choices were Vaseline or nothing. I opted for Vaseline. Vaseline is not the answer to dry chapped lips and as a side issue a fair bit of it ends up in your mouth the same way lip balm does. Thing is Vaseline tastes disgusting and it lingers. I felt sick.
On my arrival home I remembered I had coconut oil. In desperation I slathered it on. Normally a thorough Google search would be part of the plan but I didn't have time. Also within 2 minutes a Google search also seemed unnecessary because my lips felt better. Lips also looked better and there is nothing awful about getting coconut oil in your mouth.
I still haven't looked into why it worked. And perhaps irresponsibly I don't plan too. I don't care why it works or how I just wantd to let you know that it does.
With Choice Magazine reporting many cosmetic brands are still utilising animal testing it seems that now more than ever beautification products that aren't packed with chemicals and artificial stuff are important to find. So here is just one! Fellow blogger Georgie from How Skinny tells me she regularly uses coconut oil as a face mask, so that's two. I would absolutely love to hear from you if you have any natural beauty tips or any other applications for coconut oil.

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