Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Want great abs? You need to vacuum

So right now you are probably thinking that this is one of those misguided weightloss tips that claim you can drop kilos fast just by doing the housework. Oh if only it was this easy! Yeah I’m not talking about a few laps around the lounge with your Dyson. And I should probably add the disclaimer that housework like incidental exercise is all well and good BUT WILL NOT GIVE YOU KILLER ABS, TONE YOUR MUSCLES OR HAVE YOU RESEMBLING A SUPERMODEL!
So the vacuuming I am talking about is a clever little trick to help give you a flat stomach. The exercise, shown in the video below, works on your deep abdominal muscles and won’t build bigger muscles. So if you are a guy after a washboard stomach then this is probably not your new exercise best friend. But for us girls who want a flat, slim, midsection this exercise will do you many favours and the best bit? It takes no time at all!
Go forth and vacuum my friend…

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