Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Starbuck's Diet

"Oh fabulous," I hear you exclaim, "does this mean somebody has actually managed to come up with a diet that includes large slices of White Chocolate Gateau washed down with a Grande Cafe Mocha with an extra cloud of sweetened whipped cream?"



AND I should also mention, this diet is not a throwback to 2005 when the lollypop brigade; Lohan, Zoe, Richie and an Olsen Twin or two existed solely on a double shot, very skinny mocha latte cap thingy on soy, no sugar, extra EXTRA foam pleeeeeeeeeeease!

No dear friends the Starbuck’s diet is actually not really a diet at all, but a story about a clever lady who lost weight using the resources she had. And just so we are clear, we LOVE stories about clever ladies. Meet Christine Hall, a 66 year old from Virginia USA who used the coffee chain to her advantage and carefully selected appropriate calorie options from the Starbuck’s menu for two years. The result: a regime that finally solved her weight loss issues.

BUT is it healthy? Because I ain't seen no kale or coconut water at Starbuck's!! And dietitians  are all cranky and nay-sayish about it. Apparently the diet doesn’t provide enough calcium and other similar important stuff.

But isn’t this diet better than the one she was on before? Doesn’t reducing your weight when you are considered obese make you somewhat healthier? Hasn’t she drastically reduced her chances of heart disease, diabetes and other serious health issues?

This is a perfect example of the trend of waiting and watching for the newest, most perfect idea BEFORE we take action. If more of us just took action now, knowing what we know and using what we have, we could be telling our own weight loss story to the world.

I would like to applaud Christine for not jumping on bandwagons, for not substituting someone else's wisdom for her own and for using what she had to get where she wanted to be. Christine grew where she was planted and is a better version of Christine for doing so. And maybe she should take a calcium supplement or something but why are we getting bogged down in detail when the truth of it is that this lady took initiative and responsibility for her problem and found something she could manage.
I am on my feet applauding loudly (ok so no I am kind of hunched over a laptop on the couch in some daggy old Peter Alexander PJ's but metaphorically I am with you Christine and we could all learn a valuable lesson here.

If you would like to read more about Christine and her diet go here.

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