Monday, March 11, 2013

An Quick and Easy Lunchtime Salad

Walnuts, Apple, Pear and Feta Rocket Salad
The thing about work lunches is they so often don't go to plan. Oh sure you were intending to get some super healthy salad from the Deli but sometime after breakfast, probably in that boring meeting with the moron from 10th floor other lunchtime options started to become considerably more attractive. Going into lunch without a battle plan often ends in disaster but organising lunch at 7am is also a big ask BUT my lunchtime salad needs little preparation and is seriously tasty.

Fetta Cheese crumbled
Pear (cut into slivers)
Apple (cut into slivers)
Mixed Salad Leaves (rocket and spinach work very well)
Olive oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Shredded Chicken

Throw it all on a plate

*You will notice I haven't given quantities nor have I given much in the way of a method. Everything will depend on what you have on hand, how big your plate is etc. When developing this recipe I first bought half BBQ chickens at Woolworths for ease but later poached chicken breasts and bought them in a container to work. Use about a teaspoon of olive oil and equal amount of Apple cider vinegar and don't get too worried about mixing it first. Just drizzle it on - its not about sophistication it is about filling a hole.

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