Thursday, October 25, 2012

diary of a.....spin class

Spin. RPM. Call it what you like but sitting on a stationary bike riding up imaginary hills and sprinting to the finish line in imaginary races isn’t has daft as it sounds.
It’s also not as easy as you think. Let me start off by saying that I have been to many spin classes so I’m not going to go writing this one as if I have never been but I had never been to this particular gym before so let me take you through it.
Arriving for the class I chose myself a steed (that’s a bike if you hadn’t picked up on it) and went about fixing the handlebars and seat to a height effective for me. You want to position the seat at a height that allows a slight bend in the knee when the peddle is at its lowest. You want the handlebars to be in line with your hips. If the bars are higher you will get less of a core workout and trust me, you want the core workout it gives.
Spin classes are brutal on your bottom and nether regions and most classes have some padding options but if you find that yours doesn’t invest in a seat cover with padding.
So ok depending on your trainer and your gym the terminology varies. Turn it up. Add a gear! Add it on and so on all refer to twisting the resistance knob higher and obviously, turn it down, take it down a gear and take it off refer to lowering your resistance. A good instructor will make contact with newbies and ensure you know what to expect and how to adjust your bike. You will ride to the beat of the music. If you have a good ear for music this won’t be a challenge if you don’t watch the trainer. Their speed will indicate what to do.
Spin will work your entire body, even your arms. To get the most out of your workout always engage your core. That means contracting the muscles so it feels as though you are pulling them in. The more you do this throughout the class (or any class for that matter) the more calories you will burn and the better you will look.
One of the really great things about spin is that it will make you physically fitter and you can grow with it because you simply add more resistance as you become better at it. Most classes are 45 min long and you will be told varying things about its calorie burning effectiveness. Apart from running, a Spin class is probably the most calorie effective exercise you can do so if weight-loss is your goal, try Spin.

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